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Garden Party - Summertime has arrived.


It’s time for garden gatherings, eating al fresco, barbecues, summer cocktails, entertaining, the enjoyment of relaxing on long summer days and soaking up the sun.


And, although we want to encourage our little insect friends, we don’t want them creeping into the food, or buzzing around our gorgeous drinks. So, our glorious ‘Garden Party’ outdoor candle is here to help!


Embracing the tranquil beauty of exotic eastern gardens and capturing the sensual and stimulating fragrances of lemongrass, citrus aromas mixed with spiced herbs and a subtle hint of fresh eucalyptus.


Garden Party Outdoor Candle

  • 🌿 Hand poured

    🌿 Made from natural soy wax

    🌿 Volume: 200 millilitres

    🌿 Delivery from a small UK business

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