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Natural Soy Wax Firelighters - a beautiful, natural alternative to lighting your log burners, fire pits & bbq.

Our natural firelighters are hand poured in small batches, using beautiful soy wax flakes.

Encased in paper cups, our firelighters are filled with an abundance of beautiful, completely natural ingredients, including.

Our firelighters do not contain any essential or fragrance oils, as these would totally disappear once lit.

Presented in a beautiful gift box of 4 firelighters, this makes a perfect gift.

Natural Soy Wax Firelighters

  • 🌿 Dried lavender

    🌿 Dried calendula

    🌿 Star Anise

    🌿 Cloves

    🌿 Dried fruits

    🌿 Pine cones

    🌿 Bay leaves

    🌿 Dried rose petals

    🌿 Dried gypsophila

    🌿 Cotton wick


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